Course Content
Unit I: a) Hospital and it’s organization
Definition of Hospital, functioning and its organizational structure
b) Hospital pharmacy and its organization
c) Adverse drug reaction
d) Community Pharmacy
About Lesson

Education and Training program in the Hospital
Role of pharmacist in the education and training program, internal and external training program,
Services to the nursing/clinics, Code of ethic for community pharmacy, and role of pharmacy in
the interdepartmental communication and community health education.
Education/Training/ Research
1. Offering continuous education CE programs to pharmacist, physicians, nurses.
2. Training pharmacy students (internship).
3. Providing residency programs.
4. Hospital pharmacists may participate in research conducted in the hospital.
5. Publishing newsletters accessible to staff & public.
Content of pharmaceutical education
• Pharmacy professoin must serve needs of society and individual patient through the
• Pharmacy profession plays main role in discovery, development production and
distribution of drug products and in the creation dissemination of related knowledge.
• In addition pharmacist are involved in direct patient care and are taking resposibility for
the resolution of drug therapy problems of individuals.
Education and training division
1. Coordinate programs of undergraduate and graduate pharmacy student.
2. Participate in hospitals- wide educational programs involving nurses, doctors, etc.
3. Train newly employed pharmacy department personnel.